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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Dipping My Toes Back In - SummerBash Indiana 2021 and the Near Future of Live Music Events

 Editors Note:  It is with some hesitancy that I post this blog due to the ongoing, divisive national conversation over the pandemic and shutdown/reopening of large gatherings.  My intent is to share my thoughts and opinions, NOT START A DEBATE.  So please; read and reflect on what I'm sharing, but don't feel the need to comment--positively or negatively.  If you agree or like what you read, consider sharing these ideas and "pay it forward".  If not, just move along--it's all good, I respect your right to disagree and acknowledge that  you're just as entitled to your opinion as I am to mine.  Thank you for understanding.  ~John

Semibluegrass Camper Setup at a Festival
Missing My Summer "Home"

Admit it.  You miss it.  The guy at the gate who puts the paper wristband on way too tight so your fingers start to swell as the day goes on (and traps your arm hair in the sticky part).  Setting up your Wall-Mart lawn chair only to discover that the cheap plastic has broken (again).  Grabbing a quick bite from a food vendor--something you'd never buy (or pay that much for) anywhere else--yet which satisfies your hunger like no gourmet meal ever could hope to.  Staying up all night jamming with your friends in oppressive summer humidity and then crawling into a tent sodden with condensation just before the sun comes up for a few desperate winks before you wake up and do it all over again.  And real live music...sweet, sweet live music; performed on an outdoor stage; by bands with far more talent and less recognition than anything you hear on commercial radio; with fans gathered together to sing, and dance, and revel in shared experiences.  Music festivals are a quintessential part of many of our lives, and we miss them--dearly.  

COVID Warning Sign at SummerBash Indiana 2021
COVID-19 has taken a toll on us all, but perhaps no industry has suffered more than the independent music festival.  They are, by definition, "social" gatherings, which makes requirements like "social distancing" and "routine disinfection" herculean tasks.  And the larger the event, the more issues arise: liability insurance is difficult (if not impossible) to procure; venue, stage and performance contracts have to be finalize months in advance (and ongoing uncertainty putting most of the risk on the organizer); marketing and promotion for an event that may--or may not--happen is made far more difficult by the fine line we must all walk between "responsibly moving forward" and "irresponsibly putting people at risk".  For these reasons, and many more undoubtedly yet to come, it is likely that--for large festivals--normal remains several months, if not another year away.  Even accepting the uncertainty that the summer of 2021 brings in the "moving towards a post-pandemic future", the pent-up demand for live, local music will certainly exert immense pressure on organizers, bands and fans alike to create these experiences in new, innovative and entrepreneurial ways.  Yes...festivals, music performances and large gatherings will come back.  This is a certainty.  As is the fact that they may never look the same again.  These "unprecedented" times will assuredly force these events to evolve--and this could be a very good thing for all of us.  It should provide fans with new, "value added" opportunities to connect with their favorite musicians.  Bands and performers can explore new avenues for performance, merchandising and connecting with their fan bases.  And organizers will certainly benefit from offering "quality over quantity" experiences for fans and performers alike starved for the experiences they offer.

Musicians performing under the lights on an outdoor stage in the summer

 As I sit here in the gloomy reality of another South-East Michigan February, I am starting to put together my summer calendar.  In addition to feeling a deep longing for the sunshine and warmth of summer months and more than a little melancholy for the friendships and missed personal connections from this past summer, I am struck by the stark emptiness of my calendar.  By this time of the year, I am usually looking at a mostly full calendar and picking and choosing which events to attend and which to put off for another time.  Not this summer though.  Admittedly, there are lots of penciled in "save the dates" and "fingers crossed", and more than a few "see you in 2022 cancellations" already.   But for sure, "I'm definitely attending" events?  I have only one: Summer Bash Indiana 2021.  I have committed to attending this NOT because it is one of the only "confirmed" events on my radar.  In fact, since the music learns to towards a heavier, more electric rock-and-roll vibe, it's not the usual type of festival I attend.  But, I know the event organizers and am 100% convinced they are working hard to safely, responsibly, and ethically meet these challenges head on. They are working tirelessly to create exactly the type of innovative event I am talking about.  So I have decided to put my money where my mouth is and step up as an event sponsor for this year.  And here's why. 

Brandon Perkins on Stage at Summer Bash 2020
Great Promoter.  Musician?

According to promoter Brandon Perkins, Summer Bash Indiana got it's start in 2013 as a front-yard party and barbecue that just kept growing.   Through multiple iterations and several venue changes their event has steadily evolved into "Indiana's First and Best All Inclusive Music Festival".  Perkins and his partners Raneigh Perkins and Sam Jackson intuitively understand the fundamental truth that these challenging times require a "value added" approach as their little party has become a small festival in it's own right.  This year, their weekend shindig (Friday through Sunday, July 9-11, 2021) will feature twenty bands from the four corners of the country,  performing on two professional stages with high quality lights and sound.  And did I mention that they throw in unlimited  free burgers, hot dogs, beer, water and pop all day Saturday (included in the ticket price).  Also this year, they have added to the camping experience as well by partnering with the Water Bowl in Muncie Indiana--a former quarry site turned swimming hole offering a beach, fishing and water sports in addition to the music.  And of course camping (primitive, no hookups, but indoor bathrooms and a shower available) is included in the event.  How much you ask?  This year the entire, all-inclusive weekend can be yours for the low, low price of only $80.00 (including taxes and fees).  This is certainly the best bang-for-your-buck event you are going to find. 

Bartenders watching the music at Summer Bash 2020
Free Beer and Sponsors - A Great Team

And exactly how does Summer Bash Indiana provide all this value?  First and foremost, the Summer Bash crew works tirelessly and offers a wide range of sponsorship opportunities.  In addition to the free tickets, sponsors receive varying degrees of marketing and promotion.  The promoters are well versed in electronic and social media marketing and never miss an opportunity to get their name (and all of their sponsor's as well) out to their large network of followers.   They have mastered the art of frequent and shameless self-promotion without tipping into cheesy, feed-clogging plugs for their event.   They host live stream announcements frequently (with shout outs to sponsors worked seamlessly into the conversation).  They also post a variety of media (videos, links, posters, pictures) designed to keep things new, engaging and interesting--and always tagged with their sponsor's logos.  They also promote their bands HARD and share their event (and the sponsors) with those band's fan bases...and so the network grows.  

Hand Washing Station at Summer Bash 2020
And most important, they sweat the details--all the details.  First and foremost, they provide a great variety of superbly talented and unique bands.  I guarantee, there is something for everyone to love in this lineup.  I have often heard Brandon and Sam acknowledge they are not only "COVID-aware" but "COVID-responsible".  They do everything in their power to provide a safe and welcoming environment.  While no group setting outside of your own home can ever be 100% safe, the have worked tirelessly to provide the safest event possible.  I attended several of their other events and have witnessed this first hand.   Starting with consulting with local health departments on "best practices", multiple precautions are put in place, monitored and strongly enforced.  When planning this Summer Bash, the event organizers insisted on on using a venue far larger than needed; outside; with plenty of room for social distancing and excellent ventilation.  They clearly designate "off limits", "respect the social distance" areas and "common areas".   They keep a large open area between the crowd and the bands.    They use wristbands to indicate people who are comfortable with you approaching them or who want you to keep 6 feet of  distance--and people respect them.   Masks are given to everyone entering and their use strongly encouraged.  In addition to the handwashing stations provided by the sanitation crew, the Summer Bash promoters purchased multiple handwashing stations of their own, distributed throughout the venue so there is no excuse NOT to frequently wash hands.  Like so many places, hand sanitizer is available EVERYWHERE.  Individual portion Food and Beverage service is provided only by masked and gloved service personnel (no "common" sources).   But what really sealed the deal for me was an event I attended with the crew last year.   At the end of the first night, their was a minor issue with fans of one of the bands and social distancing.  These things happen.  The important fact was that the issue was identified and dealt with immediately.  Furthermore, the promoters reviewed how it happened, made some changes (more barriers and signage).  And just to make sure, as people we stirring in the morning, and settling into their morning coffee, I saw Brandon PERSONALLY walk up to each and every campsite, review the rules and expectations and tell people in no uncertain terms that violations of these protocols was not allowed.   Simply put, he will not tolerate anyone violating his number one rule (don't be a D _ _ _!!).  Simply put, I am confident that Summer Bash Indiana will not only be an awesome event, but a SAFE event for all involved. 

Alex Holycross of the Native Howl
And how did a SeMiBluegrass post get this far without mention of awesome music?    As I mentioned, this lineup skews a lot harder towards heavy, electric rock-and-roll compared to my usual musical fare--but it does share a LOT in common with what I love so much about the Live, Local Music Scene in SouthEast Michigan--hard working local bands, writing and performing their own songs, playing their own instruments, and putting on one HELL of a show.  The Friday night "warm up" includes the grungy, alternative sounds of Burdens Within (Indiana) followed by the Southern Rock Stylings of Rachels Bully (Chicago).  Closing out Friday is Indianapolis-based 80s Hair-Metal cover band extraordinaire GlamëricA (who not only put on a killer show, but make a mean jello shot, which may--or may not--have contributed to Brandon Perkins' thinking he could play guitar on stage during a Quiet Riot song last year).  Saturday features a back-and-forth mix of main stage acts with "second stage" acts sponsored by RockRageRadio (Cleveland) and featuring eight touring bands from a variety of genres.  Saturday's main stage will feature heavy metal band Blue Luster (Indianapolis), rock/metal band Hollow Intent (North Carolina), hard rock band Shades of Raven (Kentucky), Texas-based original rock band Anything But Human, Metalica tinged rock band Desevren (Indianapolis), "Bad Ass" rock band American Bombshell, blues-rock band Voodoo Moonshine (Tennessee), co-headlining southern rock band Framing the Red closes out the evening with thrashgrass band The Native Howl (who somehow manage to be the closest and furthest to a traditional bluegrass band at the same time--they simply must be seen live to fully appreciate).
So.  You miss it.  Right?   Need to start putting something on your summer calendar?  Dying to see some live, local music in a great outdoor setting?  Sun, Swimming and Songs sound like your idea of a great weekend?  Want to help the live entertainment get back on it's feet and support some innovators trying to bring you an all-inclusive package for a ridiculously small price?  Mark off July 9-11, 2021 at the Water Bowl in Muncie Indiana for Summer Bash Indiana 2021.  Visit the website and sign up for their mailing list to get updates on ticket sales (form is on the bottom of each page).  Follow them on Facebook for lots of cool content.   Then just put on your comfy "quarantine pants", keep washing your hands and following all your personal safety protocols and anxiously await the best all-inclusive music festival you've seen.  There are better days ahead and Summer Bash Indiana 2021 is just the beginning.   Get you tickets, March your calendars and start preparing.  Remember the two golden rules:  1) Don't be a D _ _ _! and 2) NO GLASS ALLOWED AT THE WATER BOWL (ABSOLUTELY NONE!) Remember, it's a swimming hole and hosts barefoot kids the rest of the year.  So leave the glass bottles at home.  Pros use red solo cups (blue ones are for amateurs).   Bring your beer in cans (you won't need much...FREE beer all Saturday).  Put your olives for your dirty martini in a zip-lock baggie.  Wine in a box ain't so bad either (and Black Box makes a pretty fair bag-in-box tequila...it's true).  Hope to--FINALLY--see you there for LIVE, LOCAL MUSIC!